Monday, November 18, 2013

Another New Identity

So if you happen to follow me on Twitter, you may already know this.  It really, really pains me to admit it, but admit it I must.  I am no longer a "Yuppy". 

Some of you may argue that maybe, due to my age, I haven't been an yuppy for a while.  After all, "yuppy" does come from "young urban professional".  But I say, you are truly only as young as you feel.  Plus, I do consider myself to be young still.

But I digress.  You see, due to finances, and many other reasons, this past spring we sold our home and bought a new, less expensive one - in the (gasp) suburbs!  I know, I'm still in shock and we moved nearly 4 months ago.

Don't get me wrong, it's an amazing house with an awesome yard.  But we're back in the boonies.

We gave up a neighbourhood with schools, coffee shops, and being close to the pathway system for a bigger house and yard.  Sure, we saved money, and the Babe seems to like it, but I'm still getting used to it.

Here's the Babe seeing his new backyard for the first time:

So forgive me yet again.  I was first the "Pregnant Yuppy", then "Yuppy Mom", and now because I still feel it in my heart, I will continue to be the "Yuppy Mom", even though it's not entirely accurate.

And if you don't like it, you can:

Sunday, April 21, 2013

5 years...

April 11th marked the 5 year anniversary of my miscarriage.  The day nearly passed by without a thought, and then something made me remember, I'm not sure what.  The sadness is still there, but the pain has passed.  And while others were complaining that it was snowing in April, it gave me pause.  It was snowing on the day that I went to the ER and found out my baby had no heartbeat.  It snowed off and on for the next week while I was at home grieving and healing from our loss.  Snow in mid-April seems about right to me now.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Opinions are like a$$holes...

I am so *over* hearing unsolicited advice and comments about anything parenting related.  It's not like it even happens all that often, but I am over it.

We have kept the Babe rear facing.  Yes, you can legally turn your child to face forward when they are 1 year old, 22 pounds, and walking.  But you don't have to.  Studies have proven that rear facing is by far the safest for kids, and since the Babe doesn't have any issues with it, we haven't turned him.

Every.single.time that someone finds out that he is over 2 and still rear facing I hear a comment: 

"Oh, he's still rear facing??"
"Aren't his legs a little cramped?"
"I think he's a little squished."
"Shouldn't you have turned him by now?"

And so on.

So, every once in a while, in an attempt to educate these folks, I will post a article to my Facebook page on the benefits of extended rear facing (please note: the reason that I post the article is not to critique any one else, but rather to educate others on why I have made this decision).  And every time that I do, I get another comment.  I don't know why I haven't learned my lesson yet.  This is the link that I posted today:

Look, if you aren't parenting your kid the same why that I'm parenting mine, I'm cool with it.  But if you make a comment on my link questioning my choices, I'm going to respond.  And frankly, since it's my page, and my link, and my decision I'm going to be brutally frank.  More importantly, if it's about safety I'm going to quote stats, etc.  

If you don't like it, STFU.

Still rear facing and obviously not uncomfortable or "squished"

Monday, February 18, 2013

One & Done?

Nathan turned 2 in December. Most of the moms in my online playroom are now either planning for another, or have already had a second (one is already pregnant with #3). It seems that the only ones who aren't planning another are those who already have more than one, and me.

A part of me is sad that Nathan will not be a big brother, I think he would be great with a little brother, but the reality is that he will be an only child. There are too many reasons to not, compared to only a couple to have another

#1 - I will be 40 next month. Yes, there is a history on both sides of my family for late in life babies (my grandma had my uncle at 41, my great - grandmother had all 3 of her kids after 40). However, my age does not make conception easy.

#2 - We would very likely have to use ART again. Our last experience with IVF was not ideal. We have an amazing son, but no leftover embryos. Plus, the treatments were very hard on my body. Knowing all of this, there's no guarantee that it would even work. I don't have any extra money let alone e $8,000 - $20,000+ that it would cost.

#3 - Money aside, TTC is emotionally very hard. What kind of mom would I be to Nathan if I was on the TTC roller coaster? We have so little time together as it is that I want it to be meaningful.

#4 - So lets's go back to money, kids are expensive. We're barely scraping by now. Daycare costs are killing us. We pay $1200 a month for child care alone, add to that the other general costs (clothing, etc) and we are broke. There's no way that we can afford child care for another child. Nor can one of us afford to stay home.

#5 - Possible loss. There's no way to know if our miscarriage was a one time thing.

And there you have it, a very pragmatic approach to not TTC. Am I convincing you, or me?

I'm definitely okay with being "one & done" but that doesn't mean that pregnancy announcements don't still hurt. It's funny, I always thought that once you conquered infertility that feeling would go away. It doesn't

Not to be a downer, please let me share with you a photo of my awesome dude & his amazing mom:

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Possible Changes Ahead - Thank you Trolls!

If you are reading this I thank you for not abandoning my blog (as I apparently have).  I have no real excuse for not posting more often, at least not one that you have heard a million times already.  The truth is that I really enjoy this blog and my followers and I have been feeling a lot of guilt for neglecting you all.  

Today I decided that I should at least check my inbox, which is even more neglected than my blog.  In it was a very nicely worded letter from a lawyer asking me to remove a comment on this post (which I gladly did).  Apparently the trolls and hackers were more aware of my own blog than me. That's just not right!

I made a conscious decision when I created this blog not to hide my contact information or to moderate the comments.  Now I am rethinking that.  I should be able to write anything I want, without a troll trying to benefit from it.  My review of eSalon (or any other product), is something that I do without compensation or provocation.  If I want to tell you about something, I don't want to have to worry about the comments being potentially libelous.

Moving forward I will be seriously considering changing the security settings on this blog.  However, I also now pledge to be more active on my own page (and will maybe open my inbox more than once a quarter too).

For the record, I am still using eSalon for my hair colour.  I don't colour my hair very often and I always use a non-permanent colour.  Their product is great and I love that it is tailored for me.  I even told my stylist about it and she was very impressed.

Also, I have a partially written post on my iPad that I will endeavour to finish this weekend.

Miss you all!

Sunday, December 2, 2012


My new office is hosting an open house this week. Our Director came up with the idea of a one-way cookie exchange for our guests. So we basically bring in cookies and give them away.

So being one of the newbies and all, I decided to try something a little more inspired.

Behold! My new twist on the sugar cookie:

First I separated the dough into 3 and left one white, and dyed the other 2 red & green.

I used basic, liquid food colouring instead of the Wilton this time. The red is a bit pinky so next time I will try the Wilton.

I let the dough chill for about an hour. Then I rolled each colour out between 2 sheets of slightly floured waxed paper. I had never tried that before and it worked so great!

Next I layered the 3 and rolled them up like a cinnamon bun:

I chopped off the ends for a cleaner look. Next I rolled my "cookie burrito" in some sprinkles, covered it in plastic wrap and put it back in the fridge.

Not one to let anything go to waste, I put the remaining dough in my cookie press:

And I made some bonus cookies:

And when cooked:

I let my burrito chill overnight. Today I took it out and made some cookie slices:

Once sliced, I popped them into the oven for a few minutes:

And, voilà! My very own Pinterest success!!

I think they turned out pretty good. Maybe not 100% how I had envisioned but pretty close.

Next challenge: making birthday cupcakes for my too soon to be 2 year old!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Halloween Tradition

Yesterday was Halloween. In the past I've decorated the house and yard and planned elaborate costumes. Now I'm happy if we have candy to hand out. I'm sure I'll get more into it as Nathan gets older.

Despite my holiday ennui I still manage to bake some witches fingers for the office.

In the oven:

Up close:

I feel like a serial killer with a Tupperware container full of trophies:

My efforts were appreciated. I did save a couple for Nathan to try, but he was only interested in the container. Kids, go figure!

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