Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Realization...

In had an interesting realization the other day, that may negatively affect my coworkers.

  • I am *thisclose* to starting fertility treatments
  • Another (female) coworker is going to be starting her treatments soon
  • yet another approaching 40 female coworker is getting married next summer - and it's possible that she will be receiving fertility treatments.
There is a possibility that there could be 3 women in 1 office who are all on fertility medication at one time. Add to that one more female coworker on HRT for menopause and equals hormonal chaos!

I strongly hope that the first 2 of us get our BFPs long before next summer and that this scenario never happens. If it does, I'm considering putting up warning signs in the lobby. Are any of you able to design one for me?


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