Monday, September 21, 2009

What's in Your Pocket?

I'm pretty sure that you won't understand what it is that I'm about to reveal to you, unless you are also TTC. As I indicated in my last post, since we started to actively TTC I've tried everything to get that ever elusive BFP. I can't even fathom how much money I've spent on gadgets and gizmos. I've been poked and prodded and poor Hubby had to make love to a cup.

I'm trying something new (and possibly a little crazy too). I now carry the following with me, each and every day:

There are 3 crystals (I'm sorry but I forget what they are. I know one is a rose quartz, I'm pretty sure the white-ish one is a moonstone, and the dark green one may be a jade). My fertility pendant, and now my twin acorns (I'm told that acorns are a good symbol for fertility).

If I happen to be wearing something without a pocket, I'll pin the pouch to the inside of my waistband. If I'm ever in a car accident I wonder what the EMT's will think. I'm sure they'll take me straight to the mental ward. Wish me luck.

Are there any strange routines or talismans that you are using while TTC?


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