Thursday, October 29, 2009

First RE Appointment

So yesterday Hubby and I made our way to our first appointment at the fertility clinic. I didn't know if I should be excited because we were finally getting help, or nervous at what they might tell us.

We each had to fill out and bring a 4 page questionnaire. On top of that I printed out 6 months of my charts and I had a few questions to ask.

I think we saw the doctor for a grand total of 5 minutes! I was not impressed. She asked how long we have been TTC - I told her actively since our miscarriage and we were not preventing for about a year and a half before that. She asked if I had had a D&C. I said no. She asked Hubby if he had ever impregnated anyone else. And then she went on to explain "the fertility cycle" complete with a diagram! Hello!? Do you think that anyone with an internet connection in this day and age who has been TTC for over a year doesn't already know every single detail of TTC and fertility treatments?

I sat there and tried to look interested as she pointed out the stages of the menstrual cycle. But all the while I was thinking "get on with it, get on with it".

When she was done I asked her what the results were from my FSH and progesterone tests and also Hubby's SA. She flipped open the file and said "good". Then she said that she'll order more tests and then based on that we'll probably try Clomid and possibly an IUI or we could try IVF and get a better chance of conception.

Overall - I was not very impressed. I realize that they are insanely busy, but come on! At least seem more interested in us.

There was definitely a shinning moment though. Hubby was looking at the papers that they gave us. He saw that for IVF there is a 3 - 6 month waiting list. He figures that we should register for that now to save time later. I was quite surprised that he would be so game for IVF. I told him to finish reading about it and make sure that he's ready to live with me when I'm full of hormones and we also need to figure out our finances.

Our next steps: On CD1 I will call them to book an HSG - to be scheduled on CD7. I get to go for another FSH test on CD3. I also need to book a transvaginal ultrasound to look for cysts and polyps. Hubby gets to go for another SA where they will test for antibodies. We also booked a follow up appointment on December 15th.


Chasing a Miracle said...

Although it doesn't seem like it, it is progress... My fertility help began exactly like this... tests tests and more tests...

It's not much i know, but my thoughts are with you, stay strong, and remember that you are not alone, and we are all here to support you!


Pregnant Yuppy said...

Thank you. I knew that there would be more tests. I guess I was hoping for a more personable doctor. Hopefully she gets more personable as this progresses.

Candidly_Andrea said...

I know this is quite some time since you posted this but I'm just getting started with the whole blogging thing. Looks like you had your first RE consultation appts, etc. around the same time I did (I'm in a different province from what I can tell and only had to wait 2 months for my consult). I did however get the exact same type of 'response' (for lack of a better word) from my RE. I spent all of 5min with him and was flabergasted at the lack of 'bedside manner'. I expected a much more personable experience and was left feeling like another number. Anyway - it's nice (but not nice) to know there are others out there going through the same thing, although I wish none of us had to go through this roller coaster ride in the first place.

Pregnant Yuppy said...

Hi Andrea - I'm happy to report that she was awesome at our next appt. Maybe they just need to know what they're dealing with first?

Candidly_Andrea said...

Fair enough! Glad things went better the second time around :) - our guy is still a little 'cold'. When I found out who our RE was a friend of mine who went thru this in Ottawa years ago (she's now in Calgary) had the same guy (small world!)and she didn't like him either. Anyway - if I end up deciding to go back to start IUI in the spring I'll see how it goes from there with Dr 'Freeze' :)

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