Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm Out of Patience

You know how in March Xmas seems so far away, but yet you're still thinking about it? How you let that excitement build for the next 9 months? How you build up the day so much in your mind that you almost hope it never comes in case it lets you down?

Well that's how I'm feeling about my appointment at the Fertility Clinic tomorrow. I had first asked my GP about a referral after we were actively TTC for 6 months after our loss. She said that we had recently been pregnant and it can take a while, plus, even though we're over 35, we're healthy. She said to wait until we were TTC for a year. So after 12 cycles (not quite a year) I went back and said that I wanted to see a specialist. She ordered some tests and said that she would write up a referral letter. She did let me know that it could take up to 6 months for an appointment.

Fast forward to today. That appointment is tomorrow! My emotions are ranging from excitement to anxiety. Excitement because we can take a more aggressive approach to TTC. Anxiety because, what if they find something? What if it takes forever to get our tests done? What if we do treatments and they don't work? What if...? As you can see there are more anxieties.

I am glad to finally be moving forward. But I'm an impatient control freak and I want results NOW!


Anonymous said...

I know that excitement/anxiety very well! I hope that everything goes well tomorrow and that you get answers soon.

Chasing a Miracle said...

Oh i know how you feel, no matter what appointment i am going in for i always get butterfly's in my belly...! Hope all goes well...

Mo and Will said...

just found your site. so glad that you're getting to move forward. I can't imagine having to wait so long to get started!!! Hope that things fly by - starting now! and that you have a baby in your arms soon.


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