Thursday, October 15, 2009

In Memory of Our Angels

October 15th is Infant and Pregnancy Loss Remembrance Day. Other than my angel's due date and the date of my loss, this is an important date for me. This is a day when all of us mothers, and fathers, and extended families can all lend support to each other and remember our angels. Our stories will be different, but the ache in our hearts will be similar.

I know that if you haven't experienced a loss that you might not know what to say or how to feel, and that's okay. All I ask is that you let us remember our angels.

Miscarriage and stillbirth is still so common (and unfortunately will never be 100% preventable). The sad statistic is that 25% of all pregnancies will end in miscarriage.

I guarantee that you know someone who has lost a child. Just in my office there are 4 of us (25% of our workplace).

So please, wherever you are, light a candle at 7pm tonight to remember our angels.


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