Saturday, October 3, 2009

Moving On To the Next Step

On Friday the Fertility Clinic called to book our first appointment! In Canada we have public health care which means that unless you have a life threatening condition, there is usually a wait list to see a specialist. Plus, there are only 2 fertility clinics in our province that serve not only our population but also the population of a neighbouring province that doesn't have a clinic. So, it can take a while to get an appointment. My Doctor wrote the referral letter back in the spring. So it did take about 6 months for our appointment. Good thing I'm patient.

We meet with our RE on October 28th. In advance of our appointment both hubby and I have to fill out detailed medical history forms. Plus, hubby has to go for another SA since his original SA did not test for everything (eg. antibodies). At our appointment we'll discuss our history and more tests will be ordered. Most likely I'll have to go for an HSG (Hysterisalpingogram) - doesn't that sound like fun? A treatment plan won't be created until all of the test results are in.

Until then, I can pin my hopes on this cycle (currently 10 DPO) or the next cycle (I'll be around 7 DPO at the time of the appt), and while I do that I can relax knowing that I'll soon have a medical expert to help me.


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