Wednesday, October 7, 2009

An Unhealthy (and Expensive) Addiction

Women are usually "half glass full" kind of people. That's why, when we first start to TTC, we also can't resist buying home pregnancy tests (HPTs) when we're at the store. We count down the days in our cycle until test day and then we start testing.

But for many of us that first test, then the one the next day, and the next all result in a BFN (Big Fat Negative). This will not deter every woman. Many will continue to test with reckless abandon each new cycle, thus spurring the phrase in the online community of being a POAS Addict (pee on a stick addict).

For other women, each negative test result will act as negative reinforcement. And to them, just the thought of POAS is depressing. I call those women POAS Avoiders.

For the record, I'm an avoider. I'm also cheap. Every time that I have tested (since the loss) has resulted in a BFN. Each time I see that BFN I think to myself "I could have peed on a $10 and had the same results - BFN and $10 down the toilet".

Home Pregnancy Tests generally are not cheap. In Canada I've seen the prices range from $8.99 - $15 per test. I know that they are less expensive in the US and that you can also get better prices by ordering online.

Not all test are the same either. Some are midstream (the kind you pee on), some are dippers (when you have to collect the pee in a cup and dip), some are early detection, some are digital, all vary in the amount of HcG that they detect. The type that you use will depend on your preference and your pocketbook.

We already know that I'm a POAD Avoider, so why is it that I find myself wandering in the Family Planning aisle whenever I'm at the grocery store or the pharmacy? How wasteful is it to buy an item that you know you will not use, and that you know will also expire? What kind of person would spend money needlessly during a recession?

Ladies (and gentlemen too), I give you exhibit A: My stash of HPTs.

You'll note there are 10 IC's (internet cheapies), 3 digital tests, 1 FRER (First Response), and 3 drugstore brand. That's 17 tests! Plus, I've had the one digital test for so long that it expires this month! What a waste! Remember, Canada has public health care. I don't even need to buy tests. I can go to my Dr. or to a clinic and have a test done there - no charge (but a waste of time for the Dr if AF isn't late).

I wonder if there's some sort of HPT bank (like a food bank) that I can donate them to?

Are you a POAS Addict, or Avoider?


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