Sunday, October 4, 2009

What If?

Do you ever regret waiting so long to have a baby?

Wow there's no easy answer to that question! Yes, I often wonder if it would have been easier to get (and stay) pregnant if I was 10 years younger. But the truth is, 10 years ago, I wasn't ready to be a parent.

I definitely think of the money and effort that I wasted on birth control over the years.

I've never been one of those women who goes ga ga over babies. Sure, I think they can be cute, and I love to hold a newborn, or to play with an infant, but I never pined for one of my own. Truth is, if I enter a house with a new baby and a new puppy, I'm more likely to go to the puppy first.

When Hubby and I were married we both agreed that we would be happy if we didn't have any kids. We were very focused on our careers and we love to travel. If we had had kids 10 years ago, we would not be living in the house that we have now, and we would not have been able to see as much of the world that we have.

So, truthfully, no. I don't regret waiting until my mid-30s to start my family. And over the past 3 years I've come to accept the fact that we may not have a family. And I'm okay with that too. We're not going to let TTC stop us from living our lives. We will still plan vacations (once the recession is over and we have money in the bank again), I'll keep cleaning the litter box, and occasionally I'll have a glass of wine.

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