Thursday, November 5, 2009

About Body Talk

By a show of hands who here has heard of Body Talk therapy? Nope, not me either. A couple of months ago I went for a massage with a new massage therapist. I told her about our struggles with getting pregnant and she suggested that I go for a Body Talk session. She said that one of the practitioners at the clinic used it to cure her infertility.

I'm totally open to all options. You all know that I'm walking around with acorns in my pocket right now. Heck, I'll try almost anything (I do draw the line at drinking my own urine to cleanse). But money is a little tight right now, and I sincerely doubt that our insurance will reimburse me for this.

The other day I finally decided to go for it and book the appointment. Maybe the prospect of having to shell out $10,000 for IVF treatments got me to thinking that $100 is much more affordable!

I'm still a little confused about how the treatments work. Basically she held my wrist and asked a series of silent questions - not to me, but to my spirit guides and angels. She then would tell me what needed to be "fixed". And she would clear the path to wellness.

Definitely you need to go in with an open mind and you must be open to alternative therapies and treatments.

But I came out of the treatment feeling positive. Plus she actually said that I won't need any more treatments - and that definitely leads me to believe that she's not money grabbing.

For the record, she said that I will be pregnant by January.


zengirl said...

"...she would clear the path to wellness"... Hmm... maybe what she's essentially doing is opening up your energy channels, which is what yoga, reiki, acupuncture and qi gong are all based on. I do believe in unobstructing your energy channels- our body is an ecosystem much like a river - if rocks blocked the flow of a river, everything downstream is thrown off and suffers. So hopefully she has helped clear your "path". I will be floored if her prophecy came true, but I'm hoping for you that it will happen! I'm keeping my fingers crossed! :-)

malinda said...

my RMT and friend suggested body talk to me as well. I'm not sure yet... I'm thinking it might be my DH that needs the body talking to more then I do. LOL

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