Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cycle #20 - A Definite Bust!

I have apparently been mis-informed. I had heard through the grapevine that often, after a HSG, a woman is more fertile. I had my HSG on cycle day 10. I typically ovulate on cycle day 14 or 15. My body showed all signs that I was going to ovulate on schedule (my cervical mucous was of eggwhite quality, my fertility monitor was giving me high readings, and my cervix was so high that I couldn't reach it), Hubby and I had some well-timed intercourse hoping that this would finally be our cycle.

Today I'm on cycle day 22 and my BBT Chart shows no indication that I ovulated at all. In fact, my temperatures keep dropping! This morning my temperature dropped to 96.14 F (98.6 F is considered to be normal). I'm beginning to wonder if I'm part Zombie! I ran a quick search on Web MD (mostly out of curiosity) and apparently this morning's temperature would qualify me as having hypothermia!

I put my question about HSG cycles out to my IF sisters on the internet. I was (am) curious to know what they experienced during their HSG cycles. The experiences varied from no difference, to a longer cycle, to pregnancy.

I'm inclined to think that I did not ovulate and that the temperature dropping is an indication that AF is on her way a little early. And that's okay. If she shows a little early, then it means that my next cycle will start a little early!

If you had an HSG what was your cycle like? Did you notice any differences?


zengirl said...

Sorry I haven't got anything on HSG cycles for you, but I noticed that your general BBT is rather low. It might be a factor in your fertility. Mine used to hover around 96.9˚ but now that I am doing better, my temp hovers around 97.4 (before ovulation). Mine was 97.8 this morning. I know western medicine doesn't put much weight on this as an IF factor, unless you have hypothyroidism, but in TCM, it is generally good to be "warm" or "hot". Perhaps your naturopathic doc will be able diagnose your unexplained IF and help with this. Anyway, I am glad you survived the hypothermia ;-)

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