Friday, November 20, 2009

A "Natural" Progression

Yesterday I went to meet a Naturopathic doctor. A few days ago I was looking at our health insurance coverage to see if the cover my optometrist appointment and I started to look at everything that was covered. I know that massages, chiropractic, and acupuncture appointments are covered up to $500 a year - and I truly appreciate that. Naturopaths are also included in that category.

We're approaching the New Year, a time when all of our coverage starts again - meaning that between now and Dec. 31st I have $500 in coverage and starting again on January 1st I will have $500 for 2010.

So I got to thinking... So far all of the tests that Hubby and I have done for the RE have come back inconclusive. So, in theory, we *should* be able to conceive naturally without medical intervention. So why not take advantage of the coverage that I have?

I did a search online for an accredited Naturopath who specializes in fertility. It turns out that there aren't that many. One of the websites stood out for me. So I called them and booked a free consultation with one of the Drs.

Every one of my other doctors (and even my dentist) is a woman - so I admit that going in I was apprehensive about meeting with a male Dr. My general rule of thumb is that I won't go to a mechanic who doesn't own a car so why would I see a male doctor? He was great! Our conversation was easy - almost like we already knew each other. And - he wants to see my charts! Hallelujah! That's a first!

He agrees that if there's no medical reason for our infertility we should be able to conceive without drugs or other treatments. I booked my first complete appointment for next Friday. I'm so excited to be seeing someone who wants my input, who listens to my questions, and takes the time to explain any treatments.

I'm still keeping our appointment with the fertility clinic on Dec. 15th - I want to get our test results and to see what their next step is. I don't want to jump into taking drugs or doing an IUI just yet.

I promise to keep you updated. I'd love to hear any of your experiences that you've had with a naturopath


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