Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Okay We May Need Some Help

All of the testing that the RE ordered last month is complete. I went in for CD3 bloodwork, Hubby went in for another SA, and last week I had my HSG. When we left our RE appointment, they had us book a follow up appointment to review our test results and to discuss our next steps. That appointment is for December 15th. That's 4 weeks away! I'll already be onto my next cycle by then.

Yesterday I decided to try to move things forward. I called the fertility clinic and left a very nice voicemail asking to move my appointment up. They called me back (during the only 15 minute span of the entire day when I wasn't within earshot of my phone) and left me a voicemail that basically said "sure, call us back".

I called them back immediately - voicemail. Hmmm. I called them again this morning - voicemail. I left another message, said to call me at the office and this time to please have me paged. No call. Hmmm. Me no likey. This is very poor customer service. My clients would not be as forgiving of me if I did not call them back within a timely manner.

But, I will continue to be patient. They are a busy clinic after all. The fact that they are willing to move the appointment is a positive sign.

Working with the RE however will most likely involve spending money. Fertility drugs and treatments are not covered by our provincial health care nor our private insurance. So each day that we come closer to that next step could potentially mean the beginning of spending lots of money.

While I try to wrap my brain around that I wondered if I should make that leap. If our test results are normal shouldn't we be able to conceive naturally? So in that spirit I did a search for local Naturopaths that specialize in fertility. And today I took the leap and booked a consultation for Thursday. If nothing else my insurance will cover these appointments!

I'm admitting that we may need help in the baby making department. I just haven't decided what that help looks like yet. Stay tuned.


malinda said...

i hope you hear from the clinic today! Move the RE appointment up :-)

it took almost 2 years before both my husband and I made our way to the fertility clinic. I might have ran there if he let me but we decided to stick to me doing work with my ND and finally he did the SA test and we found out about low motility.

(oddly enough if you asked DH how long we'd been trying he's tell you since Jan. 09... ugh! - however we did take the odd month here and there off during the first year)

Now I'm doing a cycle monitoring with the clinic to see what my body is up to and from there we'll decide what is next but if it's something more expensive like an IUI that will have to wait until the spring/summer. The clinic didn't feel that we where a candidate for IVF as I do have a regular cycle somewhere within the 29-34 day mark and husband has sperm

I have my first appointment with the doctor who did my hsg in Oct. on Thursday so we'll both be learning new things that day! LOL

1 step at a time we'll get there.

zengirl said...

It's very encouraging that your results have come back normal. A trip to a naturopath (TCM) might tell you otherwise! They are able to pick up conditions that cannot be seen in blood tests etc. and they are better at resolving unexplained infertility. I definitely feel you're taking another step in the right direction with the naturopath!

It baffles me why perfectly healthy people with all their reproductive "tools" in working order only have a 1 in 4 chance of conceiving every cycle! But I absolutely believe you'll be increasing your chances with the help of the naturopath doctor! I'll definitely stay tuned- I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! Good luck!

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