Monday, November 30, 2009

Snowstorm, Grey Cup, and Naturopath

It's been a whirlwind few days for me. On Friday I had my appointment with the Naturopath (more on that in a minute), then I worked at the mall for the rest of the day and into the evening. We had a snowstorm on Friday which stalled traffic for hours, and my in-laws arrived. On Saturday we took in some of the events for the Grey Cup, including the parade, and on Sunday we went to see the Grey Cup. After the snow on Friday the weather warmed up considerably resulting in a headache for me (that still won't leave). I haven't had hardly 2 minutes to myself. I'm so glad that I took Monday off.

The Grey Cup Parade

Let me tell you about my appointment with Dr. Arnel. I think I may have already mentioned that I don't typically go to male doctors. Not that I don't think that they're capable, but I just think that a female doctor will better understand when you explain things like menstrual cramps and breast tenderness. Dr. A was really good.

First he reviewed my charts with me. He had never heard of an HSG screwing up a cycle like how I'm experiencing now. We agreed to not consider this month's chart. He said that having regular cycles like I do is very important and rules out a lot of typical fertility problems like PCOS or endometriosis. He noted that my cervical mucous lines up really with with my ovulation dates. -- Can I just say that it's so nice to talk to a professional who understands charting.

He did say that he would like to see my overall temperatures increase by at least 0.5F - both before and after ovulation. He said that low temperatures can be indicative of an overactive thyroid.

So, he's changing my diet just a bit. Thankfully I do eat healthy already so it won't be a huge change for me. Here's the treatment:
  • Eat more protein - he wants me to include protein in my breakfast and in my snacks. He suggested adding hemp seeds or sunflower seeds to my cereal or almond butter to my oatmeal, and snacking on the same seeds between meals.
  • Reduce or eliminate dairy - he said it's still okay to be eating my bowl of ice cream while I watch The Biggest Loser (morals aside) as long as I do so on a full stomach. No more breakfast shakes though. He suggested that I buy some rice or almond milk to use instead. I bought some rice milk. It was okay in my cereal but was not good to drink at all! I may have to bend the rules on this one.
  • Eat more pork and fish and less chicken and beef. People it's true - I'm a meatitarian. I do enjoy eating meat. But Dr. A said that chicken and beef are acidic and he wants to reduce the acidity in my body. He strongly encouraged me to eat more legumes and beans - but I have Hubby to consider here as well and he won't convert. I bought some Quinoa grains to try to integrate into our meals.
  • And finally he gave me some supplements. 2 for my Thyroid and some for overall health. He said that my Omega 3 supplement isn't enough for me and now has me taking fish oil - in the liquid form. It doesn't taste so bad, but it's like drinking oil - blech. The other supplements are in drop form so they are easy to take.
I'm doing my best to follow his advice. It will be hard this month as I can't see myself packing up the supplements and the hemp seed to take to my parents house over the holidays. I will try to eat more proteins though and will watch the dairy too. I go for a follow up in early January. Hopefully my next cycle will see my temperatures rise (if this cycle ever ends).


My Chart

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