Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sublime Sunday

On Sundays the t.v. typically belongs to Hubby. He is a HUGE football fan which basically means that from early June until the end of January he controls much of the remote control. (He follows both the CFL and the NFL - thankfully for me, he rarely watches college ball.) That doesn't mean that I'm without any power however.

Sunday morning before any pre-game shows start I have some quiet time. Junior and I spend some quality time together on the couch while watching Moving Up on TLC.

Junior has never been a cuddly cat. He was rescued from the streets when he was a kitten and most likely was born to a feral mom. While he's not cuddly he is sweet and kind and loves to play.

On Sunday mornings he and I have some special time together. Hubby and our other cat Gary always leave us alone too. Here's Junior all cuddled up:

Often I know that I expend way too much energy thinking about TTC and infertility and that's no way to live. I know that I need a sanity break every now and then. My boys are really good at keeping me grounded.

I know that pets are no substitute for children, but they don't require babysitters, never steal the car, and don't need a college education either. I don't call myself their mom, nor do I call them my furbabies, instead they are "my boys" and we love them dearly.


Good Eggies said...

My cat's name is Psycho and I have any number of other nicknames for her. Fluffy is one of my favorites (she's an American longhair calico. A cat mutt can with pretty markings).

I too do not use that furbaby identifier - I think it's a bit odd. But sometimes I do find my self referring to her as my baby - usually when I'm talking to her as in "How's my baby doing?" And I freak my self out and immediately say "But you're not a real baby" And look around furtively in case those ghosts in my 1930s apartment building heard me. Ha.

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