Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Back From the RE With a Plan - Sort Of

We met with the RE again today to review the results from the tests that she had ordered the last time we were there. We already know my HSG results were good. But the other test results were a mystery. Here we go:

  • FSH levels: 3 - very good *
  • Ovarian ultrasound: 12 follicles - mostly small, 4 of decent quality
  • Semen Analysis: 57 million - lower than the last time but Hubby admitted that he didn't get it all in the cup. The Dr. said that this was still very good.
  • Estrogen levels: 414 - very elevated *
* So it seems that my estrogen is high. Unfortunately that can cause false readings of FSH meaning that my awesome level of 3 may not be as good as it seems. The RE has asked that I redo the FSH test again.

She said that other than the estrogen levels, everything looks normal. Our infertility is what the professionals call "unexplained".

We are not out of options. She suggested that we try using Clomid for a few cycles then try IUI (intra-uterine insemination - AKA artificial insemination).

But, we're in a pickle. I'm still in the midst of my longest cycle ever. I think that AF is due on Friday or Saturday. We leave for my Mom's house on Sunday. So there's no way that I will get my FSH test done this cycle (it has to be done on CD3). I have to decide if Xmas at my mom's is the best time for my first medicated cycle (I'm told that Clomid can make you a little crazy).

We made some decisions though. I did pick up my Rx for Clomid. I will have the option, or not, to take it next cycle. We can call the RE's office at the start of any cycle if we opt to do an IUI. And we put our names on the IVF list. Our IVF orientation is on Jan. 28th. There is a $250 registration fee for IVF. We figured that I've spent way more than that on OPKs, monitors, supplements, etc. The worst that could happen is we get pregnant before we start IVF. The best thing - we skip ahead in the line because we signed up early.


The Quest For Baby Hang said...

I hope it all works out for you love! :) Good luck with Clomid Femara has made me crazy, esp today LoL!

Dana said...

Clomid is the worst for me about 3 days in. I take it at night to help with the swings and the tiredness. We may end up be IUI buddies we go back to the RE on the 23rd to get our plan of action and schedule my surgery.

BumpBlogger said...

Go for the Clo. I heard horror stories and had NO side effects at all. Feel like it's a self-fulfilling craziness. Although I also didn't get pregnant from it so who knows. :) Worth a try!

Brandielou said...

I'm very excited for you :) If it makes you feel any better, I took the Soy last cycle (even though it isn't an RX) but took 200 mg of it for 5 days and didn't have any side effects but everyone is different. Sounds like a very exciting start to the New Year!

Busted Kate said...

What in the what with that chart?! I'm sending you positive clomid vibes... fingers crossed!

Kacy said...

I like you plan and love your fearlessness! Visit my blog I have an award for you!!

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