Sunday, December 27, 2009

My First Clomid Cycle

This cycle was my first taking Clomid. Basically it's supposed to make my ovaries pay attention and produce good eggs. You know the kind of eggs that are healthy and just waiting for a sperm to fertilize them. Apparently my eggs needed a boost.

Clomid is to be taken on Cycle Day 3 - 7. For me that means that I had to take it while visiting my parents for the holidays. I will admit that I was quite nervous because I was worried about the potential side effects. I already get migraine headaches and so I was worried that I would have a headache the whole time I was away. Thankfully my head was spared!

But I didn't go side effect free. The first 2 days were a breeze and I was thinking "what's the big deal about Clomid?" Then the next day I had a hot flash, or two, maybe 3. Since it is late December I can live with the occasional hot flash. But I also experienced bloating. I was so bloated in the evenings I had one heck of a belly bump! It was really uncomfortable.

I'm now done my prescription. The RE had suggested that we do an IUI with this cycle as well. But with the holidays and all I thought it best to not this time. Besides, many people get pregnant while on Clomid alone. Maybe we can be as lucky. If not, we'll try an IUI next cycle.


Malinda said...

we'll be giving clomid a go with my next cycle but as for IUI if needed we'll be putting that off until the spring. I'm hoping we'll both fall into that "got pregnant with clomid" category in the next few months

I hope the side effects stay minimal :-)

Amanda said...

GL! BTW, I got pg with Clomid only (once) so it can def happen to you too! :)

Kaitlin said...

Good luck this cycle! I'm glad you didn't have THAT many side effects from the Clomid. I hope this month is your month. Sending lots of baby dust your way!

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