Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sublime Sunday

I hate to break it to everyone but I feel that someone has to do it. Winter is officially here. In fact it's been here for a few weeks now. I know that the calendar says that it's still Fall, but the calendar is wrong!

The outside temperature is a balmy - 27C (-17F) plus windchill. It's also snowing - again.

Let me show you the progression of the seasons:

Here is our flower bed shortly after planting in June:

Oh look, it's starting to snow. How pretty!

Oh look - the flower bed is completely covered in snow. F*ck!

In fact, that photo was taken over a week ago - there's even more snow now. However, we don't have to leave the house today. So right now, we're both on the couch, in our PJs, under a blanket and cuddling one of the cats. Hubby picked up supplies yesterday so we wouldn't have to leave today.

And that is what makes this Sunday Sublime: no obligations.


The Quest For Baby Hang said...

I remember when living in Alaska how cold it would get...and it sucked..LoL, I do miss it a lot actually. But now that it's been a bad winter here in Colorado and in the negatives for weeks...I'm already ready for spring!!

Adrian said...

very cool info.

bioidentical hormone doctor said...

I think it common in the winter to get heavy snowfall. Can you post the pictures of present day. I hope it will me even more snowy.

OMDS said...

Outstanding pics. This made me remind of my winter vacation.

chimachine said...

It's freaking cool in NY now. Snow is falling and It's a bright moment to capture it. Some times, I feel numbness in my thighs and foot. I was unable to walk for few days. Later I tried chi machine. It magically reduced the leg cramp and improved the blood circulation.

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