Friday, January 1, 2010

It's A New Year!

While 2009 doesn't leave with a lot of happy memories (lay off, infertility), it was a much better year than 2008 was (miscarriage). By my reasoning, then 2010 will continue the trend and be a much better year than 2009 was. Right?

I start 2010 in the 2WW of my first Clomid cycle. Our timing wasn't the best since I ovulated a little early this cycle, but there's still a chance. Wouldn't it be fantastic to start 2010 with a BFP? I'm so hesitant to get my hopes up, but I'm excited about the prospect too!

To all of my infertile friends: May we all get our long awaited, much desired BFP in 2010!

Happy New Year!


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