Sunday, January 24, 2010

IUI's a Coming

This is the week for our big IUI appointment. Although I use the term "appointment" rather loosely since we have no idea what day we'll be going in for the procedure. That's not easy for a planner like me. I've had to block off the mornings in my calendar so no one books any meetings with me at work - just in case.

We were instructed to have sex today and then Hubby has to abstain until the big day. I don't have to abstain, but without him what's the point? She-Bopping will not get be pregnant!

Since last cycle I ovulated on CD12 and I have ovulated as late as CD17 we have no idea how long poor Hubby will have to hold out.

Starting tomorrow I will start testing using OPKs. Since I usually ovulate the same day as my surge, I've opted to test twice a day. Once during the day (at work) and again when I get home. As soon as I see the spike, I need to call the fertility clinic to book our IUI for the next day.

I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I so want this work so that we can stop TTC and finally be pregnant again. But, after 21 failed cycles I have a heavy dose of reality as well.

If it works do I tell my future child that s/he was conceived in a doctor's office? Do I mention that his/her daddy wasn't even there at the moment of conception (we will be going in 3 hours apart)? Of course we plan to BD on our own after the IUI as well. And I'm also asking myself, if this doesn't work - now what?

I will keep you posted!


The Quest For Baby Hang said...

Good luck with your IUI!!

Sweet Georgia said...

Good luck with the IUI, I hope this is the one that finally does it for you. As to telling your future child/ren, it's a really personal thing. If it were me I'd tell, simply because that's me... not a lot of secrets.

Holly said...

LMAO She-bop reference, now that song will be in my head all day.

Good luck with the iui this month I really hope this is it

Pregnant Yuppy said...

Holly ~ I was wondering if anyone would catch the reference. Thanks for making my day!

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