Monday, January 11, 2010

Naturopath - 2nd Visit

Today was my 2nd appointment with my naturopath, Dr. A. Let me start off by saying how wonderful it is. I was halfway through our discussion about my chart when it hit me that I was openly discussing my cervical mucous and position with a man! I don't even discuss this with Hubby because he "doesn't want to hear about it. Just tell me when it's go time".

I had e-mailed Dr. A. after seeing the RE and getting some of my test results back. I also told him about signing up for IVF and planning for an IUI. He definitely thinks that we should keep trying with out medical intervention for a few more cycles. Sorry Dr. A I'm not getting any younger here.

He is impressed that my overall temps are coming up. But since we are planning to do an IUI next cycle he wants to get more aggressive. So this is what my next cycle will potentially look like:
CD 1 - acupuncture with Dr. A
CD 3 - FSH test for RE as well as blood work for IVF
CD 3 - 7 - Clomid
CD 7 - acupuncture with Dr. A
CD 13 - Acupuncture with Dr. A
CD 14 - IUI
CD 15 - Acupuncture with Dr. A

I'm beginning to wonder when I'll find the time to be at the office! I'm going to have to be really productive when I am there.

Now all this is assuming that my current cycle is a bust. I still have some hope, in fact I *almost* tested today. But clearer senses prevailed and I did not. The fear of a BFN is much greater than the hope for a BFP.

My Chart

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