Sunday, January 3, 2010

You Will Get Your BFP In Due Time

For some TTC is a simple process. You toss the birth control, have unprotected sex, and nine months later you have your baby. For some of us, it's not so simple. But why should we wait to find out when we're going to have a baby and what sex the baby will be?

The internet is abound with psychics and mediums ready and willing to take your money to tell you all about how your TTC journey will end. Many will overcharge and under-deliver. It's important that if you decide to send anyone your hard earned cash that you understand that it's just for fun.

While I would caution you against trusting anyone that you don't know, I have gone ahead and purchased a couple of readings!

Cheri is a fellow Canuck who does baby predictions. On her blog she gives us all tips to improve our own psychic abilities. I purchased a reading from her in December 2008 (she also does free readings). This is what she had to say:

They show you having a GIRL and they relate her to MARCH so this is either birth month, conceive month or the month you find out in.

As you can see she didn't say which year I could expect my March BFP. 2009 it wasn't. Maybe it will be 2010 (although I hope to get it sooner than that!).

I also got a reading from Brooke777 this past summer. This one was a free reading. Brooke had this to tell me when I asked when I was going to get my BFP:

I'm getting BY the end of Sept for conception or BFP. A BOY.

September came and went and as you know, no BFP. Ah well. You get what you pay for.

Like I said this is for fun. Their predictions may or may not be accurate,but at least you'll have something to say to your Mother In Law when she asks you when she can expect a grandchild.

If you have had a reading, or if you get a reading, I'd love to know what they told you. Please leave your reading in a comment.

Have fun!


AnGèLe said...

I didnt have a psychic reading but my family swears by the needle and thread method! My grandmother had 7 children, my mother had 2, and I'm on my third(surrogacy), and the needle got them all right and in the right order..

No it doesnt give you the «when» but its fun none the less...

Thread a needle, dangle it about 2 inches over the palm (face up) of your left hand. Steady the needle..wait.. when it goes into circles, its a girl, if it goes into a straight back and forth line, its a boy. It will stop in between children. Worth a shot ;)

Elisabeth said...


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I am contacting you after stumbling across your blog. I am recruiting participants for my study, and wanted to invite you and your husband to take part. All that would be involved would be the completion of an online survey, that would take approximately 20 minutes. All couples who complete the surveys will receive a voucher good for a pair of free movie tickets at a Regal Cinemas.

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Feel free to pass information along to anyone you know who might be interested in contributing to this study.

Best of luck to you!

Member of a married, heterosexual couple
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Pregnant Yuppy said...

Thanks Elisabeth, I sent you an e-mail.

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