Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Hubby!!

Today is Hubby's birthday. It's the big 3-8. Yup, Hubby is 38 today. Wow, thirty-eight. I mean that's only 2 years from 40. I think that he's now officially "middle-aged" now.

Should I be worried that he'll have some sort of crisis? Is he going to trade me in for a younger woman or get a sports car? Will he start wearing black socks with his sandals now? Will the waistband on his pants start to creep up on his chest?

Is he going to start predicting rain 'cause his bones will be achy? Is he going to start conversations with "I remember back when I was your age..."?

Worse - will he be able to use any new technology that comes out now? Will the clock on his cell phone blink 12:00 forever? Who is going to fix my Wii when something screws up? Who will reset the PVR when the guide gets all screwy?

OMG! - maybe I should trade him in for a younger man!

Just Kidding! Happy Birthday Hubby! Sorry that your cake didn't quite turn out again this year. At least I tried.


Honey B. said...

lol...I've not had a birthday cake turn out for my hubby yet! Better luck next year?? lol

Krissi said...

Hi! Wanted to let you know that I featured your blog today on my blog. Come by to check it out! ;-)

Fertility Chick said...

Happy Birthday to your husband!! Mine just turned 38 on Feb. 2!

Charla (SHar-la) said...

Funny, mine just turned 38 on December 18th and I thought the same thing...that's only 2 years away from 40...WHOA!!! And, "That's only 2 years away from 40 and we're still a DINK couple! YIKES!

I just wandered over to your blog from another TTC site! Always good to find another sister! :)

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