Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm an amateur photographer. I really enjoy taking photos and will look for "pretty" things to capture. A few months ago I learned the hard way not to put more than one fire log into the fireplace at one time. When you do, you get a raging fire! As I watched this super hot, raging fire burn all of the soot off the fireplace door I thought it would be neat to take a photo.

So I grabbed my camera and snapped about 10 photos. I've always been fascinated by fire (not in an arsonist - start fires to watch them burn kind of way). When I watch fire it's almost like watching something that's alive. I wanted to see if I could capture the essence of the fire.

So I snapped the photos and showed them to Hubby after I uploaded them onto my laptop. He really liked them. And so, an idea formed...

I thought that it would be nice to print some of the photos and frame them for him to put into his office. At first I printed 3 - 8x10's in full colour. But then I couldn't find a frame. The only suitable frame that I could find held 4 - 8x10's. Then I had the brilliant idea to print one in black and white for a little contrast.

I was so excited to give Hubby my Valentine's Day gift. I was so proud of my idea! I didn't wrap the gift as the frame was rather large. So I put it in the dining room and I went to the kitchen to find a pen (I hadn't yet signed the card that I got him). As I'm in the kitchen writing my "I love you's" on his card I hear him exclaim loudly: "oh no!" That was so not the reaction that I had expected!

It turns out that Hubby was going to get these photos professionally framed for my birthday next month! So, while he liked my gift to him, he now has to figure out something else to get me for my birthday!

If you're wondering what Hubby got me for my Valentine's Day gift - so am I. He says that he has to go and pick it up. He did offer to tell me what it is, but I declined.


zengirl said...

These are wonderful images! They make beautiful gifts! You and your husband must be very much in tune with each other cos you're both on the same wavelength! Hope you had a great Valentine's Day!

Adoption of Jane said...

What a cute story!

nku said...

Sadly I can only get the first image to load, but I love it. Great present.

I too am slightly fascinated by fire in a non-arsonist way. I’m glad someone else is!

Sweet Georgia said...

Great minds think alike! Those are awesome pictures.

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