Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm a Bookworm

Recently at work I won a sales contest. Yes, it's true, I'm that good at what I do for a living. My prize was a $50 gift card to Chapters. This thrilled me. I love to read. I can easily go through a book a week. 2 if they're really exciting. So I could hardly wait to be able to go and spend my prize.

On Friday I headed out to the mall to find a book or two on IVF so I could be prepared on what we can expect in the coming few weeks. There were 3 sections of books on pregnancy and parenting. There was 1 shelf devoted to infertility. There was exactly zero books on IVF.

Now at this point I was pretty sure that there had to have been books written about IVF. Let's face it, it's a pretty common procedure these days. I headed to the store computer to do a search. Oh there are books written on IVF alright - but I would have to special order them!

Hello? What kind of crap is that? My IVF cycle will be starting in 9 days (as of today) and I don't want to wait. I was sorely disappointed in my trip to the bookstore. I left with nothing but my intact gift card and hurt pride. Well maybe not hurt pride. A little ticked off would be more precise.

While I didn't find what I was looking for at Chapters, Amazon came through for me again! I love Amazon and wish that we could get more than books and DVDs from it in Canada. (If any Amazon employees are reading this please take note!)

I ordered 3 books:

Baby Steps: A Bloke's-Eye View of IVF by: Jason Davis (This one I ordered for Hubby)

The Couple's Guide To In Vitro Fertilization: Everything You Need To Know To Maximize Your Chances Of Success by: Liza Charlesworth

Ivf: The Wayward Stork: What to Expect, Who to Expect It From, and Surviving It All. by: Sarah A. Tursi

And now I wait. 4 - 6 business days before I can immerse myself in these books (well, 1 is for Hubby, but I'm sure that I'll read it too).

Darn you Chapters for making me wait!!


Holly said...

That sucks that the bookstore didn't have anything but the books you found on Amazon look great! Keep us posted on your thoughts once you read them

zengirl said...

I understand your eagerness about wanting information at your finger tips! Thank god for DrGoogle for always being able to satiate our temporary cravings for knowledge.

Well, that looks like a wonderful combination of books. Happy reading! I'm sure you'll devour them within a week of getting them!

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