Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lent & Mardi Gras

I'm trying to figure out what I should give up for Lent. I'm not Catholic or anything, I've just always admired the idea of bettering yourself by giving up something that you enjoy. I also love that the personal sacrifice starts and ends with a party (Mardi Gras / Easter).

So Lent officially begins on Ash Wednesday (Feb. 17th this year). That means that Mardi Gras is on Feb. 16th. Mardi Gras is most famous in New Orleans. I imagine that the celebration this year will be a little subdued because of the Super Bowl - Ha ha! Just kidding, I'll bet that the party this year will be so kick ass that they'll hear it in Mississippi! Hubby once promised to take me to Mardi Gras before I turned 30 - but that didn't happen. (I know I'm starting to get a little off topic - but trust me on this one I'll get back on track in a moment.)

When I was in grade 12 my French teacher thought that it would be a great idea for the class to go for pancakes on Mardi Gras (also known by some as Pancake Tuesday). We had French in first period and we were a relatively small group. So we met extra early at a restaurant and had a wonderful time! She even cleared it with our 2nd period teachers to forgive us if we arrived late. I really enjoyed that class and I'm glad that she would do fun things with us from time to time.

Ever since then I have tried to have pancakes or waffles on Mardi Gras. So guess what we will be having for dinner on Tuesday? Not waffles, Hubby broke the waffle iron a couple of months ago. But I guess that pancakes will do. Nice fluffy pancakes with Saskatoon berries in them or with a strawberry compote and whipped cream. Mmmmm.

So back to my original post thought - Lent. Again, not Catholic - just trying to better myself in a non-denominational, secular kind of way. What should I give up for 6 weeks? What is so important in my life that to give it up will be a true sacrifice?

Here's what I've come up with so far:
  • TTC - Yes - you read that right - I could give up trying to conceive. Of course I don't think that it would truly be a "sacrifice" to stop taking my temperature at 5:30 am each day, buying expensive OPKs, getting Hubby to perform "on demand", or to stop paying large sums of money to the Fertility Clinic. - Okay, that one's out.
  • Wine - I hardly drink anymore that it wouldn't be much of a sacrifice - another out.
  • Dr. Pepper - this could be interesting. I am a Pepper. I love the stuff. But, I don't drink a lot of it, only when the craving really hits me then nothing else will do. I could give it up, but for 6 weeks that would only be about 12 cans of pop. - Let's keep this one in mind in case nothing else comes up.
  • Blogging - It's something that I do everyday. Giving it up would be a form of a sacrifice - however each of you would be the ones who truly suffer. - I guess this one's out too.
  • Watching T.V. - Ooh, this one has merit. I really enjoy watching t.v. Maybe too much. I don't think that I could do it though I really don't. I would try and then I would find loopholes (if I watch it online it's technically not "on t.v.") and eventually (like within a week) I would be back at it. - I guess I could not "give it up" but "limit" my viewing. Does this count??
  • Hard drugs - oh wait, I don't do that, never mind.
  • Shopping - Since we are already pinching pennies to pay for IVF I'm already sacrificing on this one! Do you think that would count?
This isn't as easy as it sounds is it? I don't smoke or bite my nails or anything, I try to eat well, I just don't have a lot of bad habits. I used to buy a coffee nearly every morning, but I stopped that 2 years ago when I was pregnant.

I'm running out of time. This didn't used to be so hard. Ideas are welcome!


Keri Ewald said...

How about giving up shaving your legs for 6 weeks!!??? Hahah!! Poor Hubby wouldn't like that!
Or you could give up ice cream or desserts...I know thats my down-fall. I LOVE sweet snacks at night. Just a thought!

Sweet Georgia said...

I don't know what you should give up, but good for you for wanting to do something!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, maybe give up temping? At this point giving up TTC is probably impossibly really, so maybe no taking your temp for the month?

Or maybe not...maybe that will make you crazy!

Best of luck,
Reading from Boston

Pregnant Yuppy said...

Keri ~ I was going to say the same thing! Great minds think alike I guess. But the awful truth is that I don't shave my legs all that often in the winter anyway. I've been blessed with very fine and fair hair on my legs.

Sweet Georgia - Thank you.

Anonymous - I'm still on the fence about charting this cycle.

Pregnant Yuppy said...
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