Saturday, February 13, 2010

Never Say "Never"

I've heard that parents hate it when us non-parents say things like "when I have kids I will never let them have a temper tantrum in the mall" or "when I'm a mom I will not let my kids walk around with dirt on his face" or even "when I'm a mom my main focus will always be my kids".

I guess your priorities may change once you become a parent. I understand that you are rather sleep deprived so maybe you stop caring about whether or not your kids' clothes are clean or if they're crying as you push the stroller through the mall.

I know that as an Infertile I certainly can do without the unsolicited advice and I'm sure that parents don't appreciate it either.

And maybe, just maybe things will change when we have a child. Maybe my priorities will change from making sure that everyone's noses are wiped to making sure that they are well fed and happy.

Even so, no matter how things change for me, I will never, ever, EVER be too busy texting or tweeting to hold my newborn!

Thanks to Failblog for another great example of "these people can procreate but I can't?"


Anonymous said...

Ugh-that really irritates me.

Lisa said...

Things I said before I was a mother:
How can she smoke a cigarette right next to her baby?

When I'm a mom, my baby will go everywhere with me, even to work.

I will never let my children watch Barney.

Things I have said since becoming a mother:

How can she smoke a cigarette right next to her baby?

Pleeeeaaase take the children to the park so I can do a little work.

Thank Gd for Barney.

The Quest For Baby Hang said...

OMG!I can NOT believe that picture!! WTH!! I won't let my kids throw fits in public, they will be raised better than that. My kids will NOT be in public dirty or at home, they will always have clean clothes. And when I finally be come a mother my main focus will ALWAYS be my child. Soome people's priorities may change, but mine won't, they will be raised how most kids are not. I will not turn into one of those mothers who sits on the computer all day instead of being with their kid. Yes of course I will get "me time" but I would much rather be with my child every single day rather than going out with the girls. I CAN'T WAIT! :)

Honey B. said...

Sick, on a lot of levels!

Kaitlin said...

Wow! That's just awful!

ttc4toolong said...

That is horrible!

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