Thursday, February 4, 2010

A New Attitude?

I once cut this cartoon out and sent it to my mom. She stopped pestering me for grandbabies shortly after.

There is some logic to it though if you think about it:

  • No fertility costs (unless you count spaying and/or neutering of the cats)
  • They don't need a sitter if you want to go to the movies
  • They don't need to go to college
  • They (probably) won't trash your house when they are teenagers
  • They'll never borrow your car (in fact, they hate the car)
  • You'll still be able to shower love and affection on them - even when they're all grown up!

Hmm, maybe Hubby & I need to think about this whole plan to be parents...


Holly said...

I <3 my kitties

Mommy in the Making said...

Hahaha! I agree. I love my two kitties. I'd have way more, except that my hubby and I made this rule: cats are not allowed to outnumber the humans in the house. So actually, having a baby for us means that we will also be able to get another cat! ;)

malinda said...

if we don't get pregnant soon we might end up with a second dog! LOL

and then we'd really have our handful


Sweet Georgia said...

Very funny! We've got 2 dogs, but we still want a kidlet.

Honey B. said...

Hah! I've told people that we'll have kids when I know they'd be as well-behaved as our pets...that usually stops the questions! lol

Dana said...

I nominated you for an award on my blog :)

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