Thursday, February 25, 2010

No Turning Back

Yesterday I went to the Fertility Clinic to pick up my meds and to pay for our IVF cycle. This is as real as it gets. And I'm starting to freak out! There's so much to remember.

First off I have to take the Suprefact nasal spray 5 times a day starting on March 4th. The Suprefact is to suppress ovulation. They are very precise on what time(s) of the day to take it. Does this mean that I can no longer enjoy a sleep in or two on the weekend?

The nasal spray I'm good with - bring it on. Pills are not a problem for me either. But self injections??? Yikes! I'm getting woozy at the thought.

I know that most women have their husbands do the deed. But when I think of that I have images of the shower scene from Psycho. Wree! Wree! Wree! I can actually picture Hubby coming at me with the needle making a stabbing motion. I think that he may actually enjoy it and that frightens me. In fact, when I showed Hubby my meds last night, the look on his face was one of excited anticipation. I'm telling you ~ this is not going to be fun. And if it's not fun for me, it will not be fun for him!

Where was I going with this? Oh right, I'm starting to freak out. There are so many little details and steps to remember I'm worried that I will forget one (or ten). I know that I could get myself all worked up about it if I let myself. So I'm not going to let myself!

I've put my IVF paraphernalia away for now. I've promised myself that I won't look at any of it again until the weekend. No really, I meant it!

PS - I've been asking Hubby to do a guest post but he's really hard to convince.


Sweet Georgia said...

Congrats on getting all of your gear! The injections really aren't that bad once you've got the first one down. I gave them to myself and after the first couple they were fine. Good luck!

Malinda said...

my husband would enjoy something like that too... LOL we where just talking about that last night about what other kinds of meds are out there and he said he'd pay to be able to stab me with a needle. I told him he would be paying big bucks! lol

I'm not sure you'll ever see my husband do a guest post either. He doesn't really get this whole blog thing. He doesn't even read mine. lol

Michelle said...

Yay. Things are starting to roll. I can't believe how fast things are moving now.

This comment is for your Hubby. Please do a guest post for us. I would love to know how all of this is affecting you and what you are feeling about it. What a great chance to get the male's perspective!

Holly said...

The week's worth of injections I have done so far really haven't been too bad and I hope that is the case for you too- although I do think hubby enjoys giving them a bit too much lol

Busted Kate said...

The injections would freak me out too! Good luck to your hubby.

And good luck to you! Fingers crossed!!

Anonymous said...


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