Tuesday, March 9, 2010

5 Things I Hate

  1. People who throw garbage and/or cigarettes out their car window. I mean really. Are you so important that you can't wait a few minutes to place it in a proper receptacle? Some days I really wish that I had the power to give out tickets.
  2. When people make up their minds about something without really knowing what it is. For example a friend of mine "hates sushi". I asked her if she's ever had it - she said "no". I asked "how do you know if you hate it then?" She replied "well, I don't like raw fish". I said "not all 'sushi' is raw fish". And she said "well, I still don't like it".
  3. Grocery shopping. It's crowded, it's expensive, I don't always remember to bring my own bags, then I have to bring it home and put it away. No thanks! Gosh I need a butler to do my chores.
  4. Speaking of grocery shopping, I also hate it when the grocery store moves their product around. You know what I mean. For years they have the Shake N Bake in a certain location and then the next week it's missing! ~ AND ~
  5. The Dutch. - Ok not really. Everyone that I've ever met from the Netherlands has always been very nice. (If you got the reference 5 points to you!)


Shanel said...

This list is funny.. I concur with #2.... that's one thing I really hate.... closed minded people afraid to try new things.

Gurlee said...

I don't get your reference but I like your list especially 1 and 2.

rebecca said...

Loved your list, I came across your blog from Stress Free Infertility...gotta say, I love your blog! Look forward to following your journey...just finished my first round of IVF!

The Quest For Baby Hang said...

Great listz!!

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