Sunday, March 28, 2010

Back From Retrieval

I'm home from my egg retrieval. They collected 24 eggs of which 20 were mature. Unfortunately Hubby's "sample" had a low concentration so the embryologist suggested that we opt for ICSI to improve our chances of fertilization.

So now we wait for tomorrow's fertilization report.

The procedure itself went okay. Getting my IV was unfortunately not a painless procedure! The retrieval from the right ovary was no sweat. I felt a bit of pressure and that's it. The retrieval from the left was very uncomfortable. They gave me some more drugs to get through it.

Post retrieval I felt great (except for some cramping). I don't know if the recovery room nurse believed me though. The lady in the next bed was feeling nauseous and faint. I felt bad for her since she went in for her procedure before me, but I got to leave first.

Since I couldn't eat anything after midnight last night I was ravenous! The nurse had given me a few crackers to eat but it wasn't enough. Hubby and I went out for lunch (you know I was hungry since I went out in public with no makeup!).

I'm relaxing on the couch now. I still have some moderate cramping and I finally took some Tylenol.

BTW - If you're wondering what the photo is - that's me waiting for one of my dates with Wandy!


rebecca said...

Wow 20 eggs is fantastic!!!I'm surprised you were awake for retrieval, I was completely out & have no memory of the actual retrieval. We also had to do ICSI; hoping you have an awesome fertilization report tomorrow:)

Sweet Georgia said...

20 eggs is awesome! Glad the procedure wasn't too bad and that you're recovering quickly from it. Can't wait to hear the fertility report.

lastchanceivf said...

20 mature eggs is FANTASTIC!! Rest up and hoping for a great fert report for you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Great fert report! Wishing you the best as they grow and hoping that this cycle is it for you!

Happy relaxing!

Amee said...

I will have all my crossables crossed for you! 20 mature eggs is fantastic!


~kristin~ said...

So exciting! 20 eggs!! I've got my fingers crossed for you and I'm sending positive thoughts to your womb this week! Good luck! :)

Alex said...

20 eggs??? That's awesome!!!! Oh can't wait to hear the fertilization report, and then those little embryos will grow!!! Thinking of you this week!

Holly said...

so glad it went well! Crossing my fingers and toes for those embies to grow, grow, grow!

I feel you on the IV thing. I was so dehydrated from fasting before my retrieval that my vein collapsed and rolled when they tried putting the IV in. They wound having to use another vein and my entire hand had a GIANT bruise for over a week.

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