Monday, March 8, 2010

Completely Off Topic

Does anyone remember me telling them that I am friends with an Olympian? Not just an Olympian mind you, but a medal-winning Olympian!

Here's some proof that I got to see (and hold) an Olympic medal:

Back of the medal:

Front of the medal:

Each medal is 100% unique. They are quite heavy and they look awesome!

I may never be an Olympic athlete, but I have worn an Olympic medal. How cool is that?


Sweet Georgia said...

I am so jealous! Too cool!

Honey B. said...

Way cool!!

Holly said...

wow that is so exciting!

womb for improvement said...

Very, very cool.

Busted Kate said...

Oh wow, that is so cool!

The Quest For Baby Hang said...

WOW! SOOO JEALOUS!!! Lucky you! :D

Alex said...

Oh that is so cool - we are all very jealous!!!

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