Monday, March 15, 2010

This is Your Pregnant Yuppy!

While I'm not yet 100% ready to come out of the closet, this is pretty much what I look like - Old Navy style! Hubby doesn't think that it looks like me - my hair is a lot curlier than this. He does like the outfit though. I think that I may pick up the cardigan on the weekend.

Want to know how you would look as a Super Modelquin? Click here.


Alex said...

Oh this is great! Totally understand about not coming out of the closet, but regarding the Old Navy style you - fabulous!

InfertileNaomi said...

You are very good looking. : )

Holly said...

lol too cute. I just had a ton of fun playing with my super modelquin :)

Waiting Lisa said...

My favorite thing about this is that you are now using her face as your face on your blogger profile, haha. I read this post earlier tonight and then when you commented on my blog, I saw the photo and it made me laugh out loud. It's been a rough night so thanks for the laugh!!! :)

*Michelle Anne* said...

Doesn't the commercial say something like "Never give up your quest to be fake?".

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