Thursday, March 25, 2010

IVF - Day 10

Once again my day began with a date with Wandy. It will be so nice to be able to start a post with a different phrase. Yesterday while I was hoping to trigger, the RE said to come back one more time.

Today's results were very similar to yesterday. My left ovary has 10 really good follicles and 4 really small ones. My right ovary has 7 follicles of a decent size. The problem is that my left ovary is way ahead of my right ovary and they want the right to catch up.

When they checked my blood today (I'm starting to run out of "good" veins) my estrogen was over 10,000. They reduced my Gonal-F injection to only 75iU from 225iU - and I get to see Wandy again tomorrow! Hubby is starting to get jealous of all of the "action" that Wandy is getting from me.

So once again I ask you to please pray, cross your fingers, make a sacrifice, or whatever it is that you do - so that tomorrow they tell me that I can finally pull the trigger! If I do get to trigger tomorrow that would mean that I would go in on Sunday for the egg retrieval with possible embryo transfer on Wednesday or Friday of next week.


Anne said...

How frustrating!!
Good luck tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

It's my left ovary that's usually the slow one! Isn't it a strange life we have when we know which is our 'good' ovary of all things.

Mrs. Bushey said...

Good luck!!!

T&P for positive results tomorrow!!


Catrisha T said...

Best of Luck. Hoping for positive results tomorrow and a BFP in the future for you (and of course no more near future dates with Wandy).

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