Thursday, March 25, 2010

IVF - Day 11

This morning was my 4th date with Wandy this week. Aren't you supposed to get a fancy dinner before your date gets any action? Wandy didn't even offer me a coffee! These early morning trysts have got to stop!

However I was happy that the RE on duty is the gentle one. The one who did my ultrasound yesterday (my own RE) was quite rough. It felt like she was shoving Wandy right up to my poor, aching ovaries. Today's test was much easier. Gentle RE has the magic touch.

Here are today's results:
Left ovary: Ready to go! Follicles look great and are an average size of 2.1cm
Right ovary: 10 follicles (up from 7), but lagging behind the left. Average size is only 1.6cm

The RE is waiting on today's blood test results before making any decisions. Yesterday my Estrogen level was 10,000! I don't know if I want it to shrink, stay the same, or go higher. I just want to trigger!

I should hear from the clinic around 11:30 (MST). Keep your fingers crossed that this is it.


Anne said...

Fingers and toes are crossed!

Amy said...

Good Luck!!!

The Quest For Baby Hang said...

I'm praying for you!!

Vivian said...

fingers have been crossed =)

Holly said...

fingers and toes crossed for your follies and a good retrieval! :)

Browniris said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I hope your retrieval goes well and you are able to get lots of great eggs!

AnxiousMummyto3 said...

Good luck!! Hope this is your magic cycle.

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