Friday, March 19, 2010

IVF - Day 4

I went in to the RE's this morning for more bloodwork. The nurse said that they will most likely change my dosage of medication and to stay by the phone today. I'm scheduled to go back on Monday for another date with Wandy (which also happens to be my birthday). But she also said that depending on my hormone levels I may need to go in over the weekend.

This is no ordinary weekend for me though. I get to play "mom" this weekend to my friend's 15 year old daughter. They live in the North (for those of you in the USA - Canada has several levels of "north") and she wanted to come to the big city for her spring break. Between shopping and going to teen movies I will make the time for my injections and potentially a date with Wandy. Her visit also means that I won't be online as often. But I promise to update you all on any new developments!

So far my injections have gone really well. Yesterday I opted to inject myself in my thighs (they said any fatty area will do) and it went fairly well. I didn't even feel one of them! Maybe I'll try the other thigh tonight.

Hubby and I are also on antibiotics as a precaution. Unfortunately they aren't agreeing with him and are upsetting his stomach. I feel for him but since that is probably the only discomfort that he will feel during this process, I don't feel too badly for him.

After 3 days of injections I think that I'm starting to feel a little action in the ovary area. I feel the occasional twinge and I'm hopeful that it means that my follicles are growing big and strong. I'm not bloated - and I really hope that it stays that way.

I'm also starting to recognize some of the women in the RE's office. I wonder if any of us will be on the same timeline and end up doing our retrieval and transfers on the same day?


Mrs K said...

hi im on day 7 of my 2nd ivf cylce,how urs going?

Anonymous said...

Are you guys on Cipro? My doctor told me to take it with a meal, but without any iron supplements or dairy, and that seemed to help my husband and I avoid the side effects.

Pregnant Yuppy said...

Mrs K - so far so good.

braving ivf - we're on a different antibiotic. We are taking it with food (and I'm waiting for at least an hour after my pre-natal to take it), but poor Hubby is still feeling the side effects.

Alex said...

Very exciting about all the progression on your IVF cycle. And yes, don't feel about hubby - that's the smallest thing you need to worry about!

That would be very cool if you keep seeing the same people - maybe you could even make some friends?

Anne said...

Glad things are going well so far :)
Have a great weekend with your visitor!

Sweet Georgia said...

Glad things are progressing nicely! Isn't it amazing how fast you get used to doing the injections?

Have a great time being 15 again this weekend!

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