Monday, March 22, 2010

IVF - Day 7

My birthday started out with a date with Wandy. I know that you're all jealous and wish that you could have a date with Wandy on your birthday too. Maybe if you ask your RE nicely they will accommodate you.

So far, so good. The Dr. said that I am progressing ahead of schedule. I have 7 follicles on my right ovary and 6 on my left. They were so big that even I could see them with my untrained eyes. The biggest ones were 14mm. They gave me my prescription for the HCG trigger which they will administer 30 hours before the egg retrieval. I take this as a great sign that we will be retrieving soon!

My next appointment is on Wednesday where they will take more blood and do another ultrasound. I'm really hoping that they have me do the trigger shot that night so we can do the retrieval on Friday. Keep your fingers crossed for me that my ovaries cooperate!

Grow follies grow!


rebecca said...

Happy B-day, glad Wandy was good to you on such a special occasion! Keeping fingers crossed all goes well for trigger Wednesday:)

Anne said...

Very exciting! Crossing my fingers for you and Happy Birthday!

Jennifer said...

Hoping the follies grow!! So jealous of the wandy. ha!

ICLW #28

lastchanceivf said...

Best of luck--it sounds like you have a great group of follicles growing!

Alex said...

AWESOME about your follies! That's a great little group of future babes!!!

daega99 said...

Grow follies, grow!!!


Kate said...

Great news about the follies and progressing ahead of schedule - all topped off by the wonderful Wandy for your birthday! I'll keep my fingers crossed for a Friday retrieval!!!


Anonymous said...

Great news!!! I can't wait to hear your report after your date with Wandy tomorrow =)

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