Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Starting to Freak Out!

My first ultrasound is scheduled for May 3rd. Until then I know that I will be a mess! Already I'm starting to worry if I don't have any symptoms, then I worry that when they come back that something is wrong. Here's a run down for you:

  • My breasts are not overly sore - the last time I was pregnant they were noticeably sore before my period was even due. Now they are only tender when I touch them (which I'm doing more often to make sure that they are still tender).
  • Cramping - definitely a good sign as my uterus stretches and grows, also a bad sign if a miscarriage is imminent.
  • Low back pain. I'm not sure if this is good or bad. All I know is that I remember from my 2008 pregnancy journal that my back was really sore then too.
  • Nausea - not really. Occasionally I'll get a little "urp" but nothing that I would classify as true "morning sickness". This was a huge sign for me in my last pregnancy that something was wrong. My mother had horrible morning sickness through both pregnancies, and I get horrible motion sickness. I'm not looking forward to my head being in the toilet for another 8 months, but a little cookie tossing would really put my mind at ease right now.
The good news is that I used another digital test with a conception indicator the other day and the numbers have increased!

I leave on Saturday for a 9 day trip to Ohio to visit my brother and his family. I want to do some shopping while I'm there to take advantage of our high Canadian dollar. Do I risk buying maternity clothes? I'll save a ton of money by buying them in the US, but I'd hate to not need them.

Why can't I have a normal pregnancy???


rebecca said...

Definitely sounds like things are looking good. As far as the morning sickness thing, my mom & sister were both sick all the time during their pregnancies, so I assumed it would be the same for me. While I did have a little bit of nausea, I only actually threw up twice & otherwise haven't really had it that you might get luck like that too, you just never know.
That's a tough call on the maternity clothes, not sure what to tell you there. I was so worried I waited until this past week to buy anything, but like you said you could save a lot of money there.
Hope things continue smoothly for you:)

Michelle said...

Here is what I was told about maternity clothes. I will be able to get away with very few pieces - especially of work clothes. I have only bought a few things and have been told it is best to buy a few items now and more as you grow since you will not know when and where you will gain weight.

As for symptoms or lack there of... everyone told me to not expect them to hit too hard until 6 weeks. I can't remember exactly when they hit but it was NOT as soon as I found out I was pregnant. Also, my mom and sister had hardly any symptoms so it might not mean anything at all.

Anonymous said...

I just want you to know that I pray every night for you and your baby <3

Alex said...

Stop groping yourself! :) I just had this funny image of you touching your breasts to see if they were still tender - don't worry, we all have done it...

I say buy a few good items, like a pair of black pants, and a great shirt, or something. But don't go crazy. So excited for your ultrasound - hope this time goes by very quickly for you!

Anonymous said...

It's so hard not to analyze every symptom! During my first pregnancy (which went full term) I vomited constantly. It was horrible, I lost 10 lbs in about a week. My mother also had really bad morning sickness with each of her kids.

I'm now just over 7 weeks pregnant after a year of near constant bleeding that had convinced me I couldn't get pregnant naturally (but did). The weird thing is, I have not thrown up. Not once. I FEEL like I'm going to throw up a lot, but never do.

It scares me too, but there was a heartbeat at my 6.5 week ultrasound. I am, of course, super nervous about my next u/s on Monday, but this does show that symptoms from one pregnancy don't necessarily mean you'll have the same ones in another.

Best wishes! I am looking forward to seeing your u/s pics in May!

Lee A said...

Just keep reminding yourself that every pregnancy is different. I have had barely any symptoms. Hope to hear some great news from your ultrasound.

Lee Ann (MommaLee)

Busted Kate said...

Ok, this post could EXACTLY be me right now. I'm 7 weeks today, breasts don't hurt all that much (except when I touch, which makes me look like a porn star), occasional little tiny spurts of mild nausea, little cramping and lower back pain. Nothing to write home about. A regular woman would call herself lucky, but all I do instead is worry!! I'd be thrilled with more symptoms. My US is next week, I'm dying to hear how yours went.

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