Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Prayers for Brandi

One of my internet friends, Brandi, lost her baby this weekend. She was 20 weeks pregnant and was diagnosed with in incompetent cervix and basically her baby "fell out" of her uterus.

As horrible as this is - it's actually worse. 3 years ago Brandi was pregnant and the baby was diagnosed as being conjoined twins. Unfortunately they shared a heart and she lost them at around 18 weeks.

There is no reason for any one family to experience so much pain and loss. Brandi is still in the hospital as she is now suffering side effects from all of the medication that she was on.

If you are the praying type, please include a word for Brandi and her angels in your prayers tonight. I know that she will appreciate it.


AnGèLe said...

Oh wow! How awful! I will pray for strength and guidance! Please keep us posted on her progress!

Busted Kate said...

This is terrible, I'm heartbroken for your friend. I will keep her in my prayers, I'm so sorry for her loss.

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