Sunday, May 23, 2010

This Pregnancy is not Facebook Friendly

Other than telling our parents and a couple of people, we haven't told anyone about our pregnancy. Keeping it a secret has been a killer for my mother in law. She's dying to tell everyone. She called the other night to see how I am doing and I made a comment that we *might* tell people in another 5 or 6 weeks. Just for laughs, I might delay the announcement to see how she reacts!

So why have we been selective in who we tell? Because I don't want a scene like this to play out on Facebook:

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I've already made the decision that when we do decide to tell people, there will not be a Facebook announcement. I dreaded those when I was TTC and, in fact, blocked a lot of my friends' updates because of it.

Ah, how times have changed!


Busted Kate said...

Yeah I got outted on Facebook. I posted on Twitter, and only knowing one or two people I know in real life (and Facebook) also on Twitter, so I thought the secret was fairly safe. Instead of saying "congrats" on twitter, she went to facebook and said "Saw you got a heartbeat! congrats!" And by the time I got to it, like 20 people commented. Sigh. So secret it out for me.

Anonymous said...

That was my big fear (Facebook). My dh told his cousins (who live in another country) and I was waiting for a few days to see my family and tell them in person (they live seven hours drive away)... Anyway I realised that once his cousins knew, someone would probably post on my facebook... so I told my parents and family over the phone because I couldn't risk everyone on facebook knowing before my family did! Shouldn't have to be like that should it!!

But I can understand not wanting to tell everyone - we waited til about 14/15 weeks!


Michelle said...

I accidentally outed myself to a few people on facebook. I joined a baby group of somesort and of course that poseted on my wall. Within seconds I realized how public it would be and went to remove it and I already had 4 comments. I was able to smooth it over and remove it before too many people saw but it was so easy to do. I didn't want to do the facebook announcement either but we did at about 14 weeks. DH was so excited he wanted to tell... so I let him. It really was a good quick way to get the word out and stop all of the annoying "how are things going" questions about our miscarriages. But we definitely waited until everyone we felt we needed to tell personally knew.

Alex said...

I still haven't decided about the facebook announcement. I kind of hate it in general - not really a huge poster or commenter, but probably should let some people know... Why is this crap so difficult!

Tillie said...

yeah FB is the devil.

Waiting Lisa said...

Haha, I agree with Tillie. Facebook is the devil :)

Malinda said...

part of me really wants to make the FB announcement when it's my turn but I think I'd wait until I'm well into the pregnancy... 6/7 months maybe. And I think I'd post it as a note so that I could give a not too descriptive breakdown of just how long we've waited to become parents kind of thing so it isn't so in your face if there is anyone else experiencing IF that I don't know about. Maybe that friend might feel some comfort in that and contact me if she needed someone who knew what she was going through.

that of course is my ideal but who knows if I'll be outed by someone in my family... like my sister. Hopefully not

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