Friday, June 11, 2010

And So It Begins

The questions and the advice that is. This is exactly why I wanted to wait a few weeks (heck, even a few months) longer to let the people in our lives know that I am pregnant.

Hubby and I are by and large very private people (says the lady with a blog). We went away to get married rather than subject ourselves to being on show, we moved 6 hours away from our family (although that was to find work), and we actually enjoy spending Xmas alone, just the 2 of us.

We decided not to make any grand announcements (I stuck by my Facebook promise) that we are expecting. But as the word spreads, the questions and the advice have begun.

  • Do you know what you are having? - Um no, I'm only 12 weeks pregnant so it's too soon to tell for sure.
  • Are you going to find out the sex? - Most likely - but we don't plan on sharing that information. Everyone will find out soon enough.
  • What room will the baby get? - Since our house is technically a 2 bedroom (we have 2 other rooms that we sometimes use for guests, but they are not "legal" bedrooms), the baby will get the second bedroom.
  • How do you plan on decorating the nursery? - How the heck would I know? Seriously. It took us over 7 years to buy ourselves a matching bedroom set. Why would we rush to judgement on what the Offspring's room will be like?
  • What about the cats? - What about the cats?
Do you notice one big, important question that is missing? No one actually asks what our due date is! I would think that this would be the first question that you would ask! Sheesh!

I've also received some offers for assistance on meal planning, shopping, decorating, and how to get rid of morning sickness.

Ah, well meaning friends and family. I need to develop some patience 'cause I know that the advice is going to get more frequent.

I will say, if anyone - and I mean anyone, makes a suggestion that I get rid of my cats I will tell them, without prejudice where they can stick their opinions!


Anonymous said...

The first person I had to tell (aside from the husband of course) was my boss. I didn't want to tell him, but had to because I was not able to do some of the work we had planned. The first thing he said to me was word for word, "Are you going to get rid of your dogs?".

Seriously? What is up with people. I just crossed the 15 week mark and still haven't told any of my co-workers because I don't want to deal with the, "Is this your first" type of questions.

Best of luck!

Kacy said...

I truly have advice since I am 17 weeks and still totally in the closet. We are just trying to get to our 20 week u/s before letting everyone know. But anyhow, advice #1 don't read baby books and or google things too much. You can honestly drive yourself crazy...speaking from experience.

Busted Kate said...

I love how close we are in due dates... I'm 12/23... I think only 4 days behind you?

Yep, same exact questions. Except EVERYONE also wants to know what fertility treatments I did to get pregnant. And how much it cost.

Pregnant Yuppy said...

Kate - you are exactly 4 days behind me! I think it's awesome!

So far only 1 person has asked me if we used any MA.

I'm just waiting for the questions/comments to begin about us being more "mature". If I can get through Hubby's family reunion in July it will be a miracle (especially without booze!)

AnGèLe said...

thanks for you blog comment! :)

I loved your post! I cant stand how intrusive some people are when they first find out you are expecting! Its like they think they are owed those answers!! lol

Oh and it begins! You are right to move away! hahaha! That would be bliss!!! ;)

Courtney Ann said...

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womb for improvement said...

Maybe you could retaliate with some advice of your own. Specifically where they can shove their advice. (Or just do it in your head whilst they are talking).

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