Monday, June 14, 2010

The Comments Keep on Coming

We all know that once you become pregnant you become a beacon for unwanted advice and eventually unwanted belly rubs (I can't wait for that one - no really, give it a rub, but you'll lose a hand). If that annoys you (and of course it does), try having a due date right around Christmas!

The latest comments that we have been getting now include "Christmas is such a horrible time to have a baby".

Oh wow. How do you respond to that one? Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of responses, but none are really suitable for posting on a public forum. So tell me, what would you say?


Busted Kate said...

Every time I tell someone we're due December 23rd, they say "ohhh... we'll you'll have to celebrate their birthday earlier or later".

Anonymous said...

I can't even think what I would say, but I can imagine some of the things going through YOUR head!


Jin said...

Tell them that's probably why they're not having a baby around Christmas. I'm due in November, but I just keep it to the month and not tell anyone a specific date.

It's mean, but people are just so rude when they see a pregnant belly. And I got my belly pinched the other day. Yup. I was distracted and my hands were full so I couldn't retaliate.

zengirl said...

Say - "Bullshit! Anytime is a great time to have a baby! It's a time to celebrate the miracle of life, no matter when!" But I know it gets expensive if everyone's birthdays around Christmas. My bro-in-law, my sis-in-law, 2 of my nieces and my nephew all have birthdays within a week of christmas! It makes me think - does fertility go up during spring time? In nature, spring is often the mating season for animals, humans included? LOL

Michelle said...

I have a friend whose birthday is December 21. He did not mind having a Christmas birthday. His wife is now due on Christmas day and he loves that he will have a baby due around Christmas.

Anytime is fantastic time to have a baby!!

Resplendentquetzal said...

My son, now 4, was born in mid-Nov. and our twin girls, on Dec. 18. Yes, it was a hectic Christmas last year, what with a trip to the hospital for blood checks, but honestly, we waited so long to have the girls, that due date was never a thought in our minds. Our son is adopted so we had no input in that! He also came home to us on Dec. 21, so we have a lot packed in those days. :-) I don't have anything to counter with, so sorry there. In the end it's how you celebrate your child's special day.

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