Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First Strange Pregnancy Dream

Last night I had the strangest dream. I dreamed that we had gone to our next ultrasound appointment. When the image first appeared on the screen everything was normal. Then, another baby appeared on the screen. What? Twins? How did nobody figure this out sooner?

The tech goes back to the first baby and tells us it's a boy. Then she goes to the "new" baby and all of a sudden it has 8 arms! I started to freak out but all the u/s tech cared about was trying to figure out the sex.

Then we're talking to the Dr (I guess it was the Dr.) and everyone is telling us that we have to terminate. I was so shocked and scared and didn't know what to do. I didn't want to do anything to risk the "original" baby, but still couldn't figure out why the heck I'm now having twins and one has 8 arms!

The next thing I know I'm walking through the halls and a nurse comes up and stops me. She said to me "It looks like they used my husband's sperm instead of yours. You're having my husband's baby."

So now I'm A: having twins B: One of them has 8 arms, and C: apparently they aren't Hubby's.

Can anyone figure out what the heck this is supposed to represent?

Since waking up I now have a strong feeling that the baby is a boy. Hubby should be happy.


Candidly_Andrea said...

WOW - that is some dream and I can't help but laugh! Sorry - it was probably scary while dreaming it! I can't tell you what it means though :(

Sweet Georgia said...

I don't think the pregnancy dream meant anything - it's just our hormones working overtime. Possibly the sex though is correct. I would have been scared and mixed up if I'd had that dream.

zengirl said...

OMG! Your dream is hilarious! I wouldn't read too much into it though! I think your raging hormones have your dreams working on overdrive! I can't remember which movie I saw it from but I remember the character was having a baby boy and remarked what I'm repeating to you: if you're having a boy, isn't it funny that you're growing a penis inside you?!!! LOL!!

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