Sunday, July 4, 2010

16 Weeks

Can you believe that I'm 16 weeks pregnant? Nope, me neither.

Physically, I'm feeling really good. If I eat regularly I can keep the nausea and headaches away. I'm not nearly as fatigued as I was during the first trimester either. Next milestone: feeling the baby move (hurry up!).

Hubby and I started to do some budgeting to figure out what this kid is going to cost us (initial costs - we haven't even begun to look at things like school and activities yet). Babies don't come cheap, and why do they need so many things?

We agree that we will not buy certain items used: crib, crib mattress, car seat, stroller, etc. I've looked up some items for sale online used already and there's quite a few available: glider, change table. But, no matter how good the deals are, we aren't buying anything until September at the earliest.

One of my co-workers lives for babies. If she sees a baby or a toddler the world stops for her. She's probably more excited (at least openly) about our baby than we are. Every day she comes to me with tips and advice - and while I know she's well-meaning, it's really annoying. Last week she told me about a baby clothing sale at Zellers. I said thanks, but we won't be buying anything until the fall at least. I think that she was upset that I didn't drop everything and rush to the store! Besides, what would be the point of buying baby clothes now? Our baby will be born in the winter not the summer.

24 weeks to go.


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