Thursday, July 22, 2010

Do You Know What Tomorrow Is?

Tomorrow's a big day in the Yuppy household. Do you know what I'm talking about? No, not even a guess? I'll give you a couple of clues.
  • I'm not referring to the impending arrival of Hubby's parents for the weekend
  • A 3rd kitten is not in the works
  • We aren't buying a new car (we already did that - did I mention that to you all?)
No guesses yet?
  • It is Friday
  • The weather is supposed to be awesome
  • Hubby will have to leave work for about an hour and a half
How about now? Should I put you out of your misery?
  • I need to drink 500mL at 9:30am
  • Shortly after (with a full bladder) Hubby and I will most likely have to wait about a half hour in a crowded waiting room with old magazines
Okay, I'm out of cryptic clues. Tomorrow is our anatomy scan!! I'll get to see our baby again. I can't wait to see him/her moving around in there (since I can't feel anything yet). So keep your fingers crossed that it all goes well.

Updates to follow!


Michelle said...

So excited for tomorrow! Can't wait for you guys to get to see the baby again and hopefully find out what you are having.

And don't worry, you will be feeling the baby soon enough :)

Lisa said...

fingers crossed! can't wait to read about the good news :)

Alex said...

Good luck at the scan!

Anonymous said...

How exciting!! Will you be finding out the gender too or are you wanting to wait?

Waiting Lisa said...

Yay! Good luck at your appointment!! Will you be finding gender out?

Pregnant Yuppy said...

RE: the gender. I hope to find out, but we have decided to keep that a secret. I was going to share with all of you, but one of my real-life friends reads this and I'm afraid that it could get out. Maybe we can come up with a code. Send me your code suggestions!

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