Monday, July 5, 2010

An Observation

Why is it that when you're an Infertile going through cycle after cycle of IPS and TTC that all you see everywhere are grim reminders that you're not pregnant? Like reserved "preggo parking" stalls? But when you are finally in the family way it's as if all of these stalls suddenly disappeared?

Those signs were a grim reminder to me for many years of what I didn't have and now they are few and far between. Maybe my problem is that I'm too honest. Looking back, I should have taken advantage of the preggo parking spaces during every single 2 week wait. After all, my body was giving me all of the symptoms that I was pregnant, I really should have just listened to it.

To my Infertile friends: don't make this same mistake. Take advantage of the preggo parking during your 2ww. No one will question you. Besides, in your mind you ARE pregnant.


Candidly_Andrea said...

I totally look at those signs every time I'm in my 2ww and think - I COULD be so why not? But I never do ... *sigh*

Alex said...

So funny! May you find many signs, my dear!

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