Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WARNING: Rant Ahead

Being pregnant somehow makes you a magnet to stupid comments and unwanted advice. I'm really trying to gather all the patience that I can in order to deal with this. By nature I'm a very private person, and ever since I was a very small child, I have hated to be told what to do! I've already blogged about some of the comments here and here so I won't rehash it all again.

This is a private blog. Known only to strangers (although some of you have become friends) and a couple of hand-selected, close friends in real life. I also have a personal blog known to my friends and family in the real world.

I think it was after being asked again whether or not my pregnancy was planned, or maybe it was after seeing a comment on getting lots of sleep now from someone on Facebook, that I finally had it. It was the proverbial final straw of my politeness.

Being mindful that others probably also don't like to receive unwanted advice I wrote a carefully worded post asking people to please stop with the comments. I promised to ask if I had questions, but for now, I didn't want to hear about it.

Can you guess what the result was? Oh go ahead, you know you want to! The result was I didn't hear from anyone in my family or close friends for 2 weeks. I didn't even hear from my mom when I e-mailed her our ultrasound photos on Friday! I finally sent her an e-mail on Monday saying WTF? - and she replied "I didn't want you to think that I was giving you unwanted advice".

Yup, I apparently offended several people at whom the post was never even directed at!

So I give up! I know you can't please everyone, but this is ridiculous! So I took down the post (although I was tempted to write a new one entitled "Grow Up"). And I think that I will stop with the pregnancy updates too (except here of course).

Anyway, I'm so frustrated I could just scream! And all along I thought that it was the pregnant women who were supposed to be all emotional and irrational!


Kacy said...

HA HA! Oh honey! My prego friend and I just had a very long IM conversation about the unwanted "poop" advice people dole out. All I want to say to people is that I will deal with the pooping while pushing thing quietly and to myself. What is it with the sharing???

AnGèLe said...

Are you effing kidding me?! I would have lost it! Good for you for taking the polite road! If I were you (haha..advice)..I would still blog ...just disable any and all comments.. you can even manage who sees and comments on your FB! Dont give them the satisfaction! If you want to express yourself and share, then DO! Oh... that mama backbone is getting stronger grasshopper!! ;)

collin said...

Ha ha ha....cute post.

I will not give any advice. :P

Take the test ABC's of Pregnancy and find out your knowledge of things you are supposed to do and more importantly, what you are not supposed to do during your pregnancy.

Sweet Georgia said...

People and their assvice drive me crazy. It happened all the time when I was dealing with IF (my friend's hairdresser's sister's best friend, just went on vacation and got drunk blah blah blah)and now that I'm pregnant I get even more of it.

I just deal with it the same way I dealt with unwanted advice for planning my wedding... thanked them for the info and went about doing exactly what I wanted. Hope you find your own way of dealing soon!

Minname said...

that is so frustrating... you tell it like it is and then suddenly everyone tip toes around you because know you're the emotional pregnant lady that doesn't want to hear advice...

I've thought about the question you've gotten "was this planned" can you just throw back at them "why do you ask?" and watch them squirm.. retarded!

Amaprincess said...

Ah! You have to love other people's advice. Never enough when we ask for it...too much when we don't. Hang in there and try to let it roll of your back! Hugs!

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