Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Poke, Poke, Poke

I am now positive that I have felt our Progeny move! I thought I felt a poke on the weekend, but it was just once and I wasn't sure. I have been diagnosed with an anterior placenta as well, so it's not uncommon to not feel anything for several more weeks.

But tonight, as I was checking out the message boards, my right hand on my mouse, my left on my belly I felt a definite poke, poke, poke. I poked back, and so did he! And then nothing.

Hubby is out of town this week so he missed the big event. I did text him before I updated you though.

I'm so happy, he's in there, he really is!


zengirl said...


Michelle said...

No better feeling in the world! And it will only be a matter of time before it is DHs hand on your belly feeling the movement. The look on his face will be priceless!

Busted Kate said...

Woop woop!!! Go baby go!!

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