Saturday, August 28, 2010

Progeny Update

Hi all, I thought I'd give you a quick update on how our Progeny is doing. I had my monthly doctor appointment today. No worries on weight gain (although I am the heaviest that I have ever been), my blood pressure is a little low, but they are happy about that. The baby's heartbeat (although hard to find because of activity) is strong and regular at 140 bpm.

My only complaint is my allergies which, although they are better this summer than the past 2 summers, are a pain in the butt. I also seem to have developed a smoker's cough - presumably from all of the forest fire smoke in the air. My doctor said that she would rather I not suffer and prescribed an antihistamine spray to take until the season ends.

It's nearly time for the dreaded glucose tolerance test. That's where they have me drink a glass of nearly pure syrup and then take my blood to see how I process it in order to check for gestational diabetes. I'm not looking forward to that one, but at least I don't have to fast!

And they booked my next ultrasound appointment for early October. One of the benefits of being a wee bit older, and having a stubborn child, means that you get to have a lot more ultrasounds. This next one will be #4. It will be interesting to see the changes that have occurred in the past 3 months.

Hopefully by then our household renovations will be complete. As you know, we have been de-80's our house for the past 6 years, one room at a time (as we can afford it). We've put off doing the bedrooms out of laziness (it's a pain to clean out the rooms). We're finally doing it. So, starting next week we will be living in disarray for awhile. Both bedrooms and the hall are getting new floors, both closets will get new organizers and doors, the track lighting is getting the boot, we'll freshen up the paint, and the guest/baby room will get new blinds. It will look great when it's done, but it's a pain in the butt to get it done!

Once the work is done we can finally start buying things for the Progeny. I know that we have lots of time left, but we know that it will go by quickly as well. Hopefully the renos don't drain our savings completely.

While walking home from my appointment today (and listening to my iPod) I've decided that the theme song to this pregnancy should be I Wanna Be Sedated by The Ramones!

And that's about it.


heartincharge said...

Sorry about the coughing but at least it seems like there is an easy solution.

Hooray about having your house renovations complete soon!

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