Friday, August 20, 2010

She Ain't Heavy...

Ever have one of those days? You know the kind where you just tend to be in a funk, and you have trouble seeing the good instead of the bad?

The last 2 days my allergies have been kicking my butt. Smoke from forest fires in our neighbouring province has been making it's way to our city. Add that to plain old seasonal allergies and I'm a stuffed up mess. Tuesday night I took an allergy pill (yes, I'm allowed to, though I try not to if I can manage without). While that did help me sleep, it also put the Progeny to sleep and I didn't feel him move at all on Wednesday night (I still only feel movement at night).

So yesterday at work (the workday itself was really good) I was really distracted because I was so worried. Each time I was alone (in the elevator, my car, the bathroom, etc), I'd put my hand on my belly and try to tell the Progeny to give me a kick or two. And each time nothing. I was really worried. My belly didn't feel as big as it did earlier in the week either. By this point I'm just a Debbie Downer seeing everything as a negative sign.

But in the evening 2 things happened: 1 - I had a massage and the Progeny gave me a couple of pokes while I was on the table (phew). 2 - I received a parcel in the mail when I got home.

I'm sure that I've mentioned once or twice (or a hundred times) how the internet was my saving grace after my loss. Message boards are the "pen pals" of the 21st century. Via the internet and message boards I've made some amazing friends. One of them sent me this All the way from Ireland!

I can't describe the feeling of knowing that there are "strangers" in this world who care about my well being.

So if you're reading this I want you to know that I value each and every one of you and I also care about you and your well being. Whenever you are feeling down about anything (TTC, IF, or pregnancy related - or other) reach out. I will be there for you. A virtual hug may not quite be the same as a real hug, but it still helps.


Busted Kate said...

Dude, I just got one of those packages last night from one of my bloggy friends! I am grateful every day for this community and the amazing people I've met.

Alex said...

So happy for you and those pokes!!! And love the package. Isn't bloggy land wonderful?

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